Park Friends Groups

We are working with Akron neighborhoods to build support networks or "friends groups" around each park. These groups are supported by Akron Parks Collaborative to steward their park and make decisions on improvements, programming and upkeep.

Our goal is to create a network of friends groups for city parks that we will support and connect to resources and funding to ensure vibrant public spaces for generations to come.

Please go to Your Park or contact if you are interested in helping to build a Friends Group for your park.


August 6

Nite Out Against Crime

August 8

Theatre Thursday at Reservoir Park, How to Train Your Dragon – The Hidden World.

August 23 and 24

Community Playground Build

July 26

Movie Night, Karate Kid
Crafts 7pm
Martial Arts Demonstration 8pm
Movie time: 9pm

August 6

Councilman’s Picnic

September 14

Many Voices, One Akron