About US

Akron Parks Collaborative is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization working to engage the community around the creation and sustainability of vibrant public spaces within City of Akron (Ohio) parks. As a spin-off organization of Friends of Metro Parks, we also foster and support friends groups around single city parks.

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Akron Parks Collaborative Board of Trustees:

Allan P. Sweet, President & Secretary
Neil Keating, Vice President
Tim Wechter, Treasurer

Ward 1: Katie Carver Reed
Ward 2: vacant
Ward 3: Terri Johnson
Ward 4: Eric Fletcher
Ward 5: Valarie Moss
Ward 6: Kate DeAngelis
Ward 7: Sherri Shields
Ward 8: Tim Wechter (treasurer)
Ward 9: Angela Miller
Ward 10: Derek Stone
At Large: Gary Riggs
At Large: Mary O'Connor


Bridget Ambrisco, Executive Director
[email protected]

Ariana Wilin, Program Manager
[email protected]

647 E. Market St. Unit 6
Akron, OH 44304