Projects & Service Days

Friends Groups can build valuable support for park improvements and maintenance. The following guidelines are intended to help partners work together in an effective manner to ensure that a project (of any size) is time and effort well spent. 
Communication is essential for establishing clear expectations for a project. This can be as simple as an email or phone call to Akron Parks Collaborative.
Here are some ways APC supports project planning:
  • Consulting with the City of Akron to seek approval for the desired improvements and share any feedback received
  • Connecting FGs to resources (see below) for proposed projects
  • Ensuring maintenance has not already been scheduled for the area of interest
How to Enhance Your Park Through Sustainable Efforts
  1. Choose a project that aligns with the community input/needs assessment and can be sufficiently maintained by the FG once it’s complete.
    • When appropriate (tree plantings, gardens, benches, etc.), FGs are required to create a maintenance plan to ensure the project is sustainable. This plan must include a detailed maintenance schedule for at least two years and contact information for everyone involved. Develop a detailed timeline that includes the full scope of the project.
  2. Determine whether it can be executed through a FG-managed volunteer service day or will require professional contractors (APC can assist with this).
  3. Identify the available resources and make requests through APC.
  4. Approval by the City of Akron may be required.
  5. Plan to fundraise (if necessary).
Volunteer Service Days
When a project calls for a service day, Friends Groups:
  • Communicate the plan with APC
  • Submit an event application to the City of Akron at least 90 days prior to the scheduled service day
  • Seek in-kind donations (e.g., snacks/water for volunteers, tools) from local businesses
  • Determine whether a port-a-potty is necessary, and if so, work with APC to rent one
  • Make sure a sufficient amount of drinking water is available for all volunteers
  • Post flyers around the community
  • Create a volunteer list and send out reminders with important information (start time, appropriate clothing, waivers, parking, food arrangements, etc.)
  • Set up a welcome table to greet and register volunteers
  • Utilize a sign-in sheet and ensuring that every volunteer has signed a waiver form (required)
  • Offer FG membership information is recommended
  • Start the service day with introductions and share information about the FG, restrooms, drinking water, safety, waiver forms, etc.
  • Create a fun and safe environment for volunteers
Potential Resources
  • Trees
  • Mulch
  • Tree pruning/dead tree removal
  • Paper lawn bags for park clean-ups
  • Tools
  • Playground equipment repair
  • Temporary trash/recycling receptacles
  • Port-a-potty rental
Service Day Reporting
Friends Groups must provide APC with photos and the following information within 1 month of their service day:
  • Brief summary of improvements/maintenance accomplished
  • Number of volunteers
  • Number of volunteer hours

And, when applicable (depending on the scope of the project):
  • Number of trash bags collected
  • Number of plants/trees planted
  • Number of garden beds maintained
  • Number and description of structures installed
  • Any other metrics that help to explain the project
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