Micro-Grants & Nature in Our Neighborhoods

Small but powerful grants to support our neighborhood parks.


Akron Parks Collaborative and the City of Akron offered small grants to neighborhood residents and groups for park improvement projects in 2023.
  • Firestone Park fairy gardens and flower beds
  • Alexander Park safety renovations
  • Gazebo Park for a new pollinator garden and permanent Christmas Tree

The Nature in our Neighborhood Grants funded by the Wild4Ever Foundation

Two $5,000 grants from Wild4Ever will be awarded by APC for projects helping to support native wildlife and native flora in a City of Akron park.

2023 Awardees

Marcy Park in South Akron
Hardesty Park in Wallhaven

Neighborhood awardees will work with APC to design the park “wild space,” which is expected to involve creating new native plant areas and could include installing animal attractants (e.g., butterfly houses, bat houses, etc.) and seating.
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